Projects: Ultra Pure Water, Recycle, and Silver Recovery for Electronics Plant

Acqutek Electronics produces lead frames for computer chip companies such as Intel. Manufacturing requires a reliable supply of ultra pure water while the processes themselves generate numerous contaminated wastewater streams – many with high levels of metals or cyanide, others with soluble organics.

The Malaysian Department of Environment (DOE) requires high levels of wastewater recycle to limit metal pollution. Waterworks/Alpac provided a complete water purification, water reuse, metal recovery and wastewater treatment system for Acqutek to allow their operations to continue under the stringent Malaysian monitoring and compliance regulations.

Waterworks provided expert guidance on how to separate the various process streams to allow for maximum recycle options and efficient metal recovery.

The overall wastewater project involved metal precipitation, two stage cyanide destruction, biological treatment with a Waterworks TFEA system, tertiary multimedia carbon filtration, sludge digesters, sludge press and dryer, and a silver recovery unit operating at 99.9% efficiency. For process water, Waterworks supplied reverse osmosis (RO) and deionized water (DI) processing skid units, a UV system for water disinfection and treatment, and a recycle system which incorporated additional RO systems.

The wastewater had various levels of metals, cyanide, COD, BOD and other contaminants. All wastewater that was not recycled had met the strict Malaysian Standard A discharge criteria.


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