Clients: Petronas

Garraf Oil Field Development Project (Iraq)
River Water Treatment System.


Garraf oil field is located in the province of Thi Qar, approximately 85 km north of the city of Nasiriya in Iraq. Waterworks Technologies scope of works included treatment of water taken from Garraf River to be used for crude wash water and utilities inside the Garraf base camp.


The river water treatment scheme comprises of multimedia filtration system followed by ultrafiltration system along with all the necessary chemical dosing systems. The modular and fully automated system is designed to produce treated water of 1560 m3/day capacity.

System Key Features:

Characteristic Result
Feed Water Total Suspended solids 35 mg/L
Feed Water Turbidity 25 NTU
Treated Water Flowrate 1560 m3/day
Treated Water Turbidity < 1 NTU

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