Projects: High Strength Wastewater

North Malaya Chemical is a distillery in the Kamunting Industrial Estate in Perak, Malaysia. The wastewater was hot, highly corrosive, and had a very high COD. The plant site also had serious space constraints and a high water table. Alpac was contacted to solve the company’s difficult situation.

The solution consisted of a two phase treatment program – the first consisted of a cooling tower and anaerobic lagoons built in to withstand the unstable, sandy soil conditions. The second phase provided biological treatment consisting of a trickling filter extended aeration plant coupled with secondary clarifiers and drying beds.

Treatment Data

Flow 127 m3/day

BOD35,000 mg/L

TSS98 oC

Discharge Requirements

BOD 50 mg/L

COD100 mg/L

TSS 100 mg/L


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