Projects: Recycle System Pays Back in Less than 3 Years

Rusch Sdn. Bhd. is a manufacturer of rubber catheters in the Kamunting Industrial Estate of Perak, Malaysia. Wastewater is being treated and recycled to reduce water consumption. Effluent from washing, dripping and cleaning (heavy in natural rubber latex and zinc) is treated by a multi stage system. Space was very limited and the two facilities Waterworks supplied each have a footprint of less than 100 m3 and treat over 380 m3/day.

The water recycle system utilized a Waterworks Waterpac Filterfloc upflow adsorptive filter, a multimedia downflow filter, an activated carbon pressure filter and a chlorination process.

Excess leachate and other industrial waste high in BOD, COD, TSS and zinc are treated by a system incorporating numerous physical-chemical processes followed by dissolved air flotation (DAF) and a packaged trickling filter extended aeration (TFEA) unit. Sludge is dewatered in drying beds.

A water filtration system was also provided to polish inlet raw water for manufacturing processes.

Treatment Data


BOD (mg/L) 600 10 – 20

COD (mg/L) 1500 25-50

TSS (mg/L)500 20-30

Zinc (mg/L)3 < 0.5


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