Clients: Tornado Group

Al Yasat Island Desalination project (UAE)
Desalination Plant for Portable Water Production.


Al Yasat Islands are group of islands located off the coast of Abu Dhabi. Waterworks Technologies was tasked to build energy efficient sea water desalination system in the island for producing 2000 m3/day portable water.


The system is used to provide continuous potable water production by treating sea water and ensuring reliable operation. The project included sea water intake system, pretreatment before reverse osmosis unit, reverse osmosis train, CIP system and brine disposal system. The RO system comprised of a two-pass arrangement providing the desired product water. The optimum level of power consumption was met by using specialized high rejection, low energy membranes and high efficiency pressure exchangers.

System Key Features:

Characteristic Result
Design Feed TDS 55,000 mg/L
Permeate Flowrate 2000 m3/day
Max Permeate TDS 200 mg/L

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