Projects: Tobacco Processing in Russia

R.J. Reynolds Petro II is a tobacco processing plant located in St. Petersburg, Russia. R.J. Reynolds chose the Waterworks trickling filter extended aeration (TFEA) system for its 300 m3/day of wastewater because of its successful implementation on a similar project for the company in Malaysia. Waterworks’ proposal saved R.J. Reynolds half their budgeted costs by utilizing existing components (such as tanks) and working with the current plant layout in the existing structures. Despite logistical difficulties of working in the former Soviet Union, Waterworks was able to commission the plant ahead of schedule and under budget

The Waterworks system utilized stainless screens, aerated equalization tanks, and pH adjustment as primary treatment. Next the waste was split to two parallel TFEA systems to produce an easily clarified, consistent effluent.

The TFEA systems are very efficient at absorbing shock loads and flows that accompany shift based factories. The TFEA systems were able to remove over 95% of the BOD from the waste stream.


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