Projects: All Your Water Requirements under One Roof

Rusch AVT Ltd., a joint venture between Rusch and AVT Group, set up a medicinal products latex manufacturing factory in Pondicherry, India and chose Alpac as their sole source supplier for all the facility’s water needs.

Brackish groundwater had to be treated prior to production uses and for human consumption. The wastewater had to be treated to government standards and a substantial portion of the effluent had to be reused in the facility to minimize fresh water consumption.

Waterworks/Alpac supplied an effective pretreatment system using filters and softeners for the brackish raw water. A reverse osmosis (RO) system polished the water further for process uses and for human consumption. As much as 70% of the RO reject water was recycled for other process requirements.

Manufacturing wastewater high in BOD, COD and TSS was treated by a combination of physical, chemical and biological systems, including the use of a trickling filter extended aeration (TFEA) unit.

Treated wastewater was used for irrigation and in employee sanitary facilities.

Sludge was dewatered in sludge drying beds.


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