Projects: Save Time, Money and Space

R.J. Reynolds required an effluent treatment plant for a tobacco processing plant in Malaysia and was having difficulty finding a system that meet the limited space available. Alpac (Malaysia) provided the company with an economical solution which involved a complete treatment system that fit into existing storage space. The equipment was literally dropped in through a hole in the roof and assembled right on site. Prior to Alpac’s involvement, RJR was considering extensive civil works to remove part of an existing building and rebuild to suit other processes. Waterworks budget was less than half that of the competitors and required only a fraction of installation time.

Influent is screened prior to entering an aerated equalization basin. After pH control, wastewater is sent to the twin Trickling Filter Extended Aeration (TFEA) units for soluble BOD removal. Sludge is aerobically digested and pressed. The system effectively treats the waste, even during peak loading, well above the initial design criteria. s leachate and other industrial waste high in BOD, COD, TSS and zinc are treated by a system incorporating numerous physical-chemical processes followed by dissolved air flotation (DAF) and a packaged trickling filter extended aeration (TFEA) unit. Sludge is dewatered in drying beds.


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