Clients: EPA Superfund sites

Hazardous & Toxic Groundwater and Thehermal Processessessor Condensasate Treaeatment System


Waterworks was commissioned to design and supply a transportable multi-skid mounted treatment system guaranteed to treat a variety of hazardous liquid wastewaters. The initial site was in Reading, Ohio, where the Waterworks system treated effluent high in phenols, chlorinated phenols, VOCs, sVOCs metals, sludge, soluble inorganic, ammonia, oils, and greases. A second EPA site in Tennessee the following year utilized the Waterworks system to treat wastes also high in PCBs. Aside from contaminated surface and ground water, the systems treated all condensate and preheat liquids from the Soiltech ATP, anaerobic (pyrolytic) soil processing unit, which consisted of a rotating kiln system that processed all contaminated site soils at the Pristine Ohio EPA site.


The Waterworks system included oil-water separators; gravity, plate pack, and olleophillic media; and a dissolved air flotation system complete with chemical processes. Several pH adjustment processes, chemical oxidation, secondary coagulation and clarification, multi-stage filtration and a complete sludge pressing system.

Design sample levels (in mg/L):

COD 12,000 BOD 6,300
O&G 10,000 TSS 16,000
Phenols 3,400 Acetone 74
Benzene 3.4 Dichlorobenzene 5.6
BTEX > 1.0


The treated wastewater met all EPA, State, and local criteria and was suitable for discharge to the Cincinnati Sewer system. Waterworks earned a bonus for achieving desired results at a lower operating cost base than was estimated.

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