Projects: Compact Systems for Stringent Guidelines

Bard is a global company producing catheters from natural latex in Malaysia. They required treatment solutions for their complex wastewater difficulties and turned to Alpac/Waterworks for complete support. The manufacturing process produces effluent with soluble latex, latex proteins, zinc, suspended material and an array of soluble organics and inorganics. For the design flow of 440 m3/day space was extremely limited.

The supplied system incorporated flow equalization, a rubber trap, a stainless steel solids screen, pH adjustment, dissolved air flotation, chemical coagulation, secondary biological treatment with an Alpac/Waterworks trickling filter extended aeration unit, secondary clarification, and sludge dewatering facilities. The system was successfully commissioned and approved without sacrificing either treatment goals or valuable space.

Treatment Results


COD 1,000 – 2,000 mg/l COD 100 mg/l

BOD  400 – 800 mg/l BOD 50 mg/l

TSS 300 – 1,000 mg/l TSS 50 mg/l

ZINC 4 – 10 mg/l ZINC 1.0 mg/l

The system’s initial design and ultimate operation and results were approved by the Department of the Environment in Malaysia.


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