Projects: Mexican Plant Reduces Water Use by Recycling Wastewater

Nimex produces nitrile gloves at their facility in Saltillo, Mexico. Water is scarce and discharge regulations include mandatory recycling. The Nimex facility requires process water low in TDS.

The project includes water treatment, wastewater treatment, wastewater recycling and sludge drying.

Borewell water was purified in multimedia and activated carbon filters then passed through a Waterworks reverse osmosis unit producing a high quality water. Wastewater streams were segregated and treated, after screening and equalization, with two DAF units and a Trickling Filter Extended Aeration package.

Specific streams were treated and processed through a Waterworks’ Filterfloc water unit and then a reverse osmosis package prior to factory reuse.

Treatment Data

Parameter Limit



BOD (daily average)150 mg/L

BOD (monthly average)75 mg/L

COD (daily average)200 mg/L

COD (peak)240 mg/L

Suspended Solids (daily average)70 mg/L

Suspended Solids (peak)84 mg/L

Zinc2 mg/L

Oil and Grease (daily average)15 mg/L

Oil and Grease (peak)20 mg/L

Settleable Solids (daily average)1.2 mg/L

Settleable Solids (peak)


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