Wastewater System: Soluble Organic Reduction Filter (SORF)

PUREPAC Soluble Organic Reduction Filter (SORF) is designed to treat secondary and tertiary municipal and industrial wastewater that are relatively low in BOD or COD and suspended solids, such as municipal sewage.

PUREPAC SORF has many advantages including:

The SORF process introduces highly oxygenated primary or secondary effluent into a closed filter containing an expandable media.
This biologically active filter converts soluble organic contaminants into biomass that is removed during the backwash process, as a sludge. Note that supplemental nutrients are often added to industrial wastewater to ensure biomass growth.

Equalization facilities will be required with intermittent flows. All processes can be automated to reduce operational demands.
Complete skid mounted, modular, systems are available for quick and easy installation.

  • BOD treatment to 10 mg/L
  • TSS treatment to 10 mg/L
  • Ammonia treatment to 1 mg/L
  • Compact and modular for easy expansion
  • Ideal for decentralized municipal applications
  • Effective and inexpensive industrial pretreatment system for medium strength wastes
  • Easily coupled with PUREPAC TFEA or TSF systems for superior results
  • Worry free automatic operations

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