Projects: Waterworks Packaged Water Treatment Plant for 1988 Winter Olympics

Waterworks was chosen to supply a water treatment plant at the Mount Nakiska site of the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary. Located mid mountain at the site of the alpine events, the system was portable, self-contained, and designed to withstand extreme cold, rugged conditions and with limited maintenance.

The treatment system consisted of a depressurizing unit (for the 900 psi snow making water), grit removal, filtration, chlorination, distribution lines and pumps to supply the Olympic facilities with water.

Waterworks supplied its own WaterPac Filterfloc upflow adsorptive filter systems which have been used successfully on many potable water, industrial water, and recycle projects. These units are very compact and easy to operate. The WaterPac Filterloc is fully automatic and is contained in a single free standing unit.

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