Projects: Hotel and Resort Facilities

Alpac specializes in supplying resorts and hotels with cost effective, compact, potable water and sewage treatment systems. Many of our installations use tertiary treatment and disinfection to allow water reuse for irrigation, ground keeping and other non-potable uses.

For high end resorts, ultra pure water is a necessity. Our packaged reverse osmosis units provide the highest level of water purity and disinfection to guarantee clients a safe and healthy stay.

To meet the wastewater needs of hotels and resorts, our systems conform to certain special criteria in addition to complying with all discharge regulations. They are compact, aesthetically attractive, quiet, and contain extra systems to eliminate odors. This makes them ideally suited for use when close proximity to recreational facilities is required.

Ski Resort Relies on Waterworks for Water and Sewage Management. Waterworks installs, operates and owns water and sewage system for Silver Star Village and Resort

Resort Hotels in Egypt, desalination systems for water treatment from the Red Sea.


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