Projects: Utility Management for Water and Wastewater Facilities

Waterworks’ engineering, procurement, design and construction capabilities allow us offer comprehensive solutions to maximize the potential of any water or wastewater treatment facility.

Specialized services include:

Waterworks also provides other services related to keeping your facilities running at their best.

  • Clean in place (CIP) services
  • Reverse osmosis potable water system maintenance
  • Water and wastewater treatment troubleshooting
  • Wastewater plant operations and maintenance

Selected operations services:

Waterworks provides focused on site training to boost working knowledge and productivity, maximizing operations results. Waterworks training programs are a small investment with long term benefits for water or wastewater facilities. Our staff can provide service anywhere, at any time, for any project.

  • Gateway Hotels
  • Kerns Juice
  • Silverhawk Utilities
  • Taj Hotels
  • Red Sea Resort
  • White House

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