Commodities: Airmax Fine Bubble Diffusers

Waterworks provides the AIRMAX fine pore, high efficiency diffusers guaranteed to perform under the toughest conditions. Manufactured in Canada to provide high efficiency aeration and mixing, AIRMAX is your aeration solution for both water and wastewater projects.

Made of high quality EPDM membranes, AIRMAX exhibits excellent resistance to chemicals, heat, UV light, abrasion, and weather. These diffusers can be used in a wide range of applications including municipal sewage treatment, industrial wastewater plants, aquaculture, lake destratification, water supply aeration, sparging operations, and gas absorption processes.

AIRMAX diffusers are lightweight with a PVC body, an EPDM perforated membrane, and a unique built-in check valve system. Standard is a 3/4″ SS-304 nipple for connection to any manifold piping.

AIRMAX Features:

  • Wide flow range, from 0.5 to 8.0 cfm + (0.8 m3/hr to over 13.5 m3/hr)
  • High oxygen transfer efficiencies (OTE)
  • Thick EPDM membranes
  • Standard dimensions to fit any project
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • PVC diffuser body with removable cleanout plug
  • Unique check valve system
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Drop-type arrangements available

Waterworks can provide a complete diffuser package for any water and wastewater project. Special OEM pricing available.

Download more information on Airmax Diffusers here (requires Adobe Acrobat).

Contact a sales representative in the various regional offices for more information on stock items and prices. Contact our procurement department for sales and pricing information in North America.


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