Projects: Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP)

Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP) uses strong oxidizing agents to break down persistent or refractory organic chemicals. These compounds are very resistant to biological treatment and removing them in a reasonable time frame is difficult using only biological means.

AOP utilizes strong reagents for industrial wastewater treatment or for special environmental concerns. The advanced oxidation process can be used to remove certain organic pollutants completely or to break down refractory compounds which will then be amenable to biological treatment. The choice of process will depend on the required treatment level, the expense and time allowed.

Even though the chemicals used are strong, the end products of the process are still just carbon dioxide and water. Waterworks employs various reagents including:

1. Fenton's Reagent (FeSO4)
2. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and ultraviolet irradiation (UV)
3. Ozone (O3) and ultraviolet irradiation (UV)
4. Ozone and hydrogen peroxide


Waterworks AOP processes have treated di-, tri-, and penta-chlorinated phenols, tannins and organic colors, soluble oils, greases and solvents, and BTEX compounds. These systems have operated at tanneries, at US EPA Superfund sites, in Canada on contaminated ground waters and in Asia on various industrial wastewaters.


Waterworks projects span the entire range of water and wastewater treatment - from high purity reverse osmosis filters to sewage treatment systems. If it involves water, your project needs Waterworks Technologies Inc. See our client list for a small sampling of the projects completed by Waterworks and the subsidiaries. Waterworks has the resources to make your project a success. Contact us for support in your next water endeavor.

Projects:Solutions for Industrial Clients

Waterworks has over 30 years of project experience with its industrial client base. Providing solutions in desert, arctic and tropical environments for a range of process solutions has been the hallmark of our operations. We engineer solutions to meet industrial clients' wastewater, ultrapure water or potable water needs.

Waterworks classifies its industrial strength projects as follows:

Projects: Municipal/Camps/Resorts Works

Waterworks classifies its municipal strength projects as follows:

A partial listing of the many projects Waterworks has conducted is listed with each category.

Projects:Utility Management for Water and Wastewater Facilities

Waterworks' engineering, procurement, design and construction capabilities allow us offer comprehensive solutions to maximize the potential of any water or wastewater treatment facility.

Specialized services include:

Waterworks also provides other services related to keeping your facilities running at their best.

  • Clean in place (CIP) services
  • Reverse osmosis potable water system maintenance
  • Water and wastewater treatment troubleshooting
  • Wastewater plant operations and maintenance

Selected operations services:

Waterworks provides focused on site training to boost working knowledge and productivity, maximizing operations results. Waterworks training programs are a small investment with long term benefits for water or wastewater facilities. Our staff can provide service anywhere, at any time, for any project.

  • Gateway Hotels
  • Kerns Juice
  • Silverhawk Utilities
  • Taj Hotels
  • Red Sea Resort
  • White House

About Waterworks: Services

Waterworks has had the opportunity to complete multiple projects worldwide since 1985. The skills and abilities of the Waterworks team have been demonstrated on a wide range of projects such as:

  • Turnkey desalination systems
  • Water recycle and reuse systems
  • Turnkey BOO (build, own, operate) and BOOT (build, own, operate and transfer)
  • Utilities systems management, sewage treatment, operations and ownership
  • Supply of potable desalinated water
  • Water and wastewater recycling systems
  • The emergency supply and installation of turnkey water and sewage treatment plants for army/NGO/construction/Oil & Gas camps

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