Water System: Containerized Systems for Water and Wastewater Treatment

Waterworks specializes in compact, re-locatable, economical and easy to operate systems for water and wastewater treatment.

Waterworks’ containerized filtration systems come complete with automatic operations for backwashing and are built from high quality parts.

The containerized RO systems include a CIP (Clean in Place) system to aid in prolonging the life of the membranes. Waterworks’ systems use the highest quality thin film composite membranes and superior equipment and products.

    The advantages of Waterworks containerized systems include:

  • Built in customized insulated containers
  • Fully tested before shipping to the site
  • Installation is simple and can be completed within a matter of days

    The systems come with the following:

  • ISO certified containers
  • AC or heating
  • Windows
  • Flooring
  • Chemical resistant containers
  • Wall panels
  • 20 ft or 40 ft containers or custom manufactured container sizes

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